FAQ’s: Everything You Want To Know About Quick Fix Plus 6.1

image does quick fix plus 6.1 workSports fans criticize athletes who use synthetic urine to bypass rules about using certain performance-enhancing substances and illegal drugs. The ultimate cheat is in the form of something called Quick-Fix Plus 6.1. Its use is very widespread at this point, but there are still questions.

You know what that means, right? We present the mot frequently asked questions about this synthetic urine product.f We are not condoning its use, but instead playing the role of information is power, just passing along what we know.

Is Synthetic Urine Detectable In Lab Tests?

When we say it is synthetic urine, we mean it mimics actual, naturally-occurring urine right down to the molecular structure. It means that even lab rats that test out samples cannot scientifically tell the difference. The one easily resembles the real thing.

The geniuses who created this product even included a pH that is balanced, creatine, protein, the right color, foam, and specific gravity. Those are all characteristics of naturally occurring urine.

Is There Any Guarantee That It Will Work?

For just about ten years, the success rate for Quick Fix has been 99.9% for both men and women. If you do use it, be sure to follow the instructions carefully, because the user is responsible for its success, not Quick Fix. The bottom line is while Quick Fix provides a 100% money-back guarantee, many embarrassing and costly consequences would occur if you failed the pee test, right?

There are two basic ways to make sure you reach the right body temperature for a urine sample. One is known as the quick preparation method. The other is the slow preparation method. For quick prep, microwave the concoction for approximately 10 seconds, or however long it takes to achieve a temperature of 90 to 90°F. To maintain the temperature to mimic body heat, apply the heating pad around the bottle that contains the urine.

Another way to keep the sample at a natural body temperature is to hold it close to the warmest parts of your body, such as the bra or underwear area. Do not put it in your pockets because body searches are commonly part of onsite urine sample testing. Do not ever let the synthetic sample go below 90°F.

For the slow preparation, you will follow all of the above steps. The advantage of this slow preparation method is for people who are subject to surprise urine testing. Prepare the synthetic urine sample, and just make sure you keep it aptly warm with body heat until the time of the test. Strap the Quick Fix bottle to the warmest parts of your body — anywhere you wear underwear. Again, do not put the bottle in your pockets, it is very likely you will be subject to a search of your pockets before the urine test.

If you do not carry the bottle on you at all times, to keep it warm for surprise urine testing, then be prepared. You would have to create a distraction or diversion of 45 minutes to get the sample up to a temperature between 92 to 99°F.

Does It Have A Shelf Life?

The Quick Fix has a shelf life of 2 years. According to the manufacturer it ha the longest shelf life of any fake pee out there on the market.

Look carefully at the box the product comes in because the manufacture date is on it. The batch number is on the left-hand side of the directions. It tells you how old the sample is. Contact them when using the sample to ensure that it is not counterfeit.

Though, it may be best to do that as soon as you buy the product. Again, the point is to make sure you have a product that will work. Anticipate problems long ahead of the day you need to use it.

Is It Easy To Understand Batch Number?

They created batch numbers specific to its products. This ensures the product’s effectiveness and assures users of its date of expiration. The other reason to keep track of and hold onto batch numbers is as a poor man’s insurance policy.

Can You Re-Heat The Sample?

When you are making fake pee to circumvent drug testing and the like, you anticipate the unexpected. They make sure that yes, you can re-heat the synthetic urine. You will want to purchase extra heating pads for the bottles and keep them with you, if you are subject to surprise testing.

Can You Refrigerate It?

You do not need to freeze or refrigerate the sample. Actually, you are encouraged NOT to expose it to such cold temperatures especially not before and after preparation. To preserve the contents of the sample, leave it at room temperature. On the other hand, also avoid direct sun exposure, because that could disrupt the pH balance of the sample.

Now you understand, failure is not an option. And, you also know how to ensure your success with the product. Be sure to read and re-read the product instruction, and make sure you know how it works before you are tested. And take comfort in knowing it has a 99.9% success rate.


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