Keeping Fake Urine At The Right Temperature

For most types of screening urine is used, a lot of people are not comfortable because they do not know what the results will be. Looking at many searches synthetic urine often comes up, it is a very good reason it does. When you need to pass a screening using fake urine is a good idea.

It is very easy to use the synthetic urine just make sure it is quality. It is a product that is simple to apply just read the information that comes with the package.

Although it is very easy to do, you must read the instructions and keep the synthetic urine at the correct temperature to make it useful.

One of the first things that a lab technician will check is the temperature of your urine sample and this will let them know if everything is alright or not.

The correct temp range for urine is around 92 to 100 degrees that is just about the range of the average human body so it should be easy to do.

You do not want your sample to be rejected so follow the instructions that come with the fake urine. To make sure that everything is okay, there are some things that you must do to maintain the temperature.

Hand Warmers Are A Great Trick

image of maintaining synthetic urine temperatureAll it takes to keep the fake urine at the right temp is just a small amount of heat. To do this a hand warmer can help you do this, and they can be bought just about anywhere. Do not get cheap warmers but ones that can last a long time because you want to make sure that your urine stays warm long enough for your test.

Here is the technique for using the warmers to keep your urine warm. Take out a warmer, place it around the urine cup for the container. You might want to use some rubber band to keep it secure. Check the temperature several times to make sure that it is right. You can check the temp to make sure that it stays in the right range so that when you go for your test it will be right.

By doing things this way, you will know that your sample is correct and that it won’t be rejected because it is too cold or too warm since that is the first thing they check.

One good thing to know is that your fake urine sample will likely come with a temp strip that makes it easy to check.

Even if it doesn’t come with one, you can easily by a temp strip from your local store. They are cheap and can be found anywhere. Monitoring the temperature is something that you will need to do to pass your screening.

You can also use your body heat.

As we mentioned earlier, the ideal temp for urine is the same as the human body, so you already have a perfect heater. You can always use your body to heat the urine which means you need less gear and won’t have to carry it around when you go to give your sample just use your body.

Fake urine is kept in small bags, and this will allow you to attach it somewhere on your body hidden and out of the way. It will keep the lab tech from knowing what you are doing.

Men and women can use many different stragies to keep the sample warm. Men typically place the bag near their crotch are which is the warmest part of their body and gives easy access. Wear tighter underwear than normal and use a brief style because it will keep the sample secure.

Women also can use the sample between their legs are even inside of them to keep it at the right temp. Keeping it in this level is the best way to keep it warm for the best results. Two pairs of underwears, the sample in the crotch area and you are ready to go give your sample. This is a true and tried method.

Some will place the sample in the microwave

Heating the sample in the microwave is a very fast way to get it up to temperature before you leave for your test. Just shake the bag around and check the temp before you attach it to your body.

You have likely heard that fake urine (such as Quick Fix Plus 6.1) are popular among individuals who want to pass urine screenings without any issues. Fake urine is capable of appearing to be real urine, and it does not contain the negative factors. Most people aim to avoid getting caught when they use synthetic urine.

If you are interested in creating synthetic urine, here is a recipe for making it at home.

Ingredients Needed:

  • One cup of warm water
  • A few drops of food-grade yellow food coloring
  • A pinch of salt

Start by mixing the salt into the cup of warm water. After this, add the yellow food coloring. It is up to you to choose what shade of yellow you would like the fake urine to be. The result should be a liquid substance that appears to be urine.

Some people get caught using fake urine. There are risks to using it. If you take a urine test in a public facility, it is likely that someone will accompany you when you give the urine sample. While using fake urine might be possible, it requires a lot of cautions.

It is also important to realize that a trained lab technician is capable of spotting fake urine. To get an effective sample of false urine, you must make sure the sample is equal to your body temperature. Some people prefer to make the mixture using hot water. That way the water is warm (like regular urine) when the sample is submitted.

It is difficult to pass off false urine as real urine in a sample. Some people use a urinator, which is a device that makes the urine appear to come out of your body.

You should be aware of the likelihood of getting caught before you decide to go this route. No method is going to be guaranteed so consider all of the possible outcomes.


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