Simple Ways To Pass Hair Strand Testing For Drugs

The hair test is one of the easiest tests to pass, but it is not the only test that they may require. Some of them require you to give a sample of hair. This is usually the nail in the proverbial coffin for most people that are using drugs that they are not supposed to. Your hair can maintain high levels of any substance that you are taking, making it one of the most definitive tests that are required. Is there a way to pass this test if you have been smoking or taking certain substances that you are not allowed to take at this time? Using the following strategies, you can usually pass a hair sample test by using these simple strategies.

Make sure you don’t use synthetic urine to pass a hair test.

What Is Hair Strand Testing?

This type of testing is sometimes much more popular with the people that are requiring you to get tested because they can detect things for up to 90 days. This is much longer than a urine test. There are a couple of ways that you can pass this test without having to worry about it, one of which is completely removing all of the hair on your body. This is not one that most people will do, and therefore you have to use other strategies if you want to pass a hair Strand test.

Three Ways To Pass A Hair Strand Drug Test

To pass this test, you must use a certain shampoo that can cleanse your hair, completely down into the roots. The first phase of this cleaning process is to use the shampoo on a regular basis to ensure that there is nothing on the outside of the hair. The second is to use a particular solvent that will go over the top of your hair follicles, which will be removed, something that cannot be dissolved using the testing that is done by professionals. This is true even when they are cutting your hair into small pieces to run the tests, preventing the metabolites that they need to find to properly run the test, from being found. Finally, to make your hair look as natural as possible after applying the solvent, you will need to use a particular type of conditioner. If you have used chemicals to remove any trace of the drugs, your hair is going to look processed and dull. This is an obvious sign that you are doing something that order to pass the test that will be noted on your record. By using this type of conditioner, they will allow you to pass the visual inspection, and subsequently pass the chemical inspection that will be done using the medical components of their testing procedures.

What Are The Odds Of It Working?

It depends on the type of drug testing that you are doing, and the types of drugs that you are taking. It depends upon the type of drugs that you are doing; some are going to be more easily detectable than others. The ones that they are almost always looking for include marijuana, opiates, and feta means, PCP, and cocaine. Once you have used the shampoo, sealant and conditioner, their ability to find even small amounts of these drugs in your hair will be negligible, therefore allowing you to pass the test.

What Types Of Drugs Does It Work On?

These products work very well with most drugs including benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium. They also work with antidepressants, nicotine, LSD, ecstasy, and barbiturates. Essentially, any legal or illegal drug that you use can be masked by using these products that can conceal the fact that you have been using. You will have to make sure that the product that you get has high ratings, testimonials left by actual users that have had success, proving that the product does work.

Now that you know it is possible to pass a hair strand drug test, it’s time to start evaluating the different products that are on the market today. The sooner that you can stop using the more likely it will be that you will test negative for any of the substances that you are required to stay away from. Of course, it’s always better to not use drugs, especially if you are randomly tested as it will not provide you with enough time to cleanse your system. However, if you are on a regular schedule, just be sure that you drink plenty of water for several days. It doesn’t take much for a test to detect the presence of these drugs, so make sure that you are always as prepared as possible. If your job is on the line, or if you do not want to violate your probation or go back to jail for violating your parole, these hair strand cleansing products will help you out right away.

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