Statistics Concerning Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screening has been a common practice for many years, especially for certain employers within particular industries. More and more employers have been taking part as well, but there are still many jobs out there that don’t require employment drug screening.

Manufacturing is one industry in which all companies requires drug screening prior to employment. This is due to all manufacturing facilities having to place a priority on safety, with there being many types of heavy machinery and powerful equipment involved in manufacturing processes. Of course, there are different types of drug screenings, the urine test being the most common.

My friend started working at a manufacturing facility several months ago as a temp-to-hire employee. He was subject to pre-employment screening just for the temp job, and then he was recently subjected to drug screening again prior to being hired on full time.

The first drug test he was given was a urine test (people use synthetic urine to pass them), and then the second time he was given a hair test. Did you know that in recent years, drug use has declined as much as 75 percent among the general population? It may not seem like it until you start remembering the 1960’s and 1970’s, if you can remember them that is. Especially in the days before many mandatory drug screenings and advanced technology, people were more easily allowed to get away with doing drugs.

Of course, that statistic can be largely skewed if you think about it because just because people pass the drug screenings for employment doesn’t mean that they’re not doing drugs. They could have quit for a short period just to pass the drug test, and an even more common situation is when people do something to beat the drug test. Of course, technology has advanced, and the tests are much better at catching cheaters these days.

I remember when I first started hearing about drug employment screening when I started working, some of my friends were talking about using a product called Golden Seal to help them beat a drug test

In other words, did the Golden Seal work? I have no idea because he used everything. He did pass his drug test, though. My other friend who recently was hired on passed both of his as well. While he had to take a hair test the 2nd time, how common do you think that is when it comes to employment drug screening?

What if you were told that an overwhelming 95 percent of employment drug tests are urine screenings? Only 9 percent of the time was a hair test administered, according to recent study data, and even lesser percentages were recorded for blood and saliva testing, at 6 and 8 percent respectively.

Breath alcohol tests came in at 23 percent, which I found to be surprising. I honestly thought that would have been the least most common.

According to drug screening data, methamphetamine use is on the rise in the US. The data was from 2013 that I was reading, but for instance, methamphetamine use according to drug urine tests increased by 27 percent! Naturally, remember this data can be skewed, not because it was gathered improperly, but because people find all kinds of ways to mess with drug tests. Still, many times those drug tests don’t lie, and also that margin of error would seem to favor a lower percentage of meth users, not a higher one!

One type of drug I would think would be on the rise would be opiates. So many people are addicted to pills. I had a friend whom I had met in the past several years after moving here that outwardly seemed like a nice person, but he had a hardcore addiction to pills. Come to find out, he used to be addicted to heroin when he was younger, but he switched to pills and snorted them.

He supposedly never shot up the heroin, but after finding all of this out, who knows what to believe. Every few months, he’s on the way to the emergency room because his stomach is tore up from his addiction. It’s really sad, and this has kept him away from a typical employment, of course, as he is a ‘handyman’ of sorts.

One of the most common drugs that people are worried about when it comes to drug tests is marijuana. There are so many marijuana users out there, and of course while it may not be meth or opiates, it’s still going to mean a positive drug test result and no offer of employment.

To focus the statistics on age groups, the age group of 18-25-year-olds is twice as likely to be using marijuana than the age group right above them, people, 26-34 years old. Males were more likely to be users, and it’s interesting looking at all the statistics that were discussed concerning marijuana use.

If you are thinking about getting around a drug test, the best thing to do is to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. Even if you have what you consider to be a fool-proof plan, see if you sleep when the drug test day approaches. You’re going to be a nervous wreck, especially since the job offer or something similar is dependent upon your drug test results. Do you want to roll the dice? See what those statistics say, and see if you feel like you can beat one then.

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