The Definition And Uses Of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a liquid that is designed to be as identical as possible to human urine. The color of the liquid is the same as urine, contains uric acid and mimics the pH level of urine. Some people use synthetic urine for urinalysis screenings to falsify the results of the screening.

Why is fake urine used for the calibration of equipment?

You may be curious as to why actual urine is not used in the calibration of equipment in laboratories. The issue that stems from using real urine is that every individual has specific characteristics that are produced in their urine. If labs used real human urine from an individual, equipment could not be sufficiently calibrated. This skews lab results when other tests are performed.

In addition to being used for urinalysis, fake urine is used to test diapers. The primary reason it is used, however, is to alter the tests of a urinalysis. In some cases, lab experts cannot distinguish synthetic urine from real urine. This is because of the aforementioned uric acid and other chemicals that are used in synthetic urine. The makers of these products work to make sure their products are nearly identical to true urine. This is why the product is so popular among people who need it.

Aside from containing creatine and uric acid, the makers of these products use ingredients like dyes, vitamins and minerals and hormones to make fake urine look and test as real as possible.

Does this product work as intended?

Since it is so close in nature to real human urine, it can be used in various types of screenings. Labs can only determine that urine is fake if they run addition genetic analysis tests, and most labs do not do this as an initial test.

When people use fake urine, it must be identical to human body temperature. Most users make sure the sample is warm like normal urine would be when it is immediately excreted. If the sample is too hot or too cold, lab technicians notice the difference, and this can cause issues.

Can you legally purchase synthetic urine?

In the general sense, there are no restrictions on purchasing fake urine. At least there were not until recent years. It is currently sold on the Internet and in traditional stores. However, some states across the United States have developed or are currently developing laws against it. The consensus is that it is safest to purchase synthetic urine online due to the discreet nature of buying online.

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