Three Easy Tips On How To Pass A Urine Test

If you currently work for an employer that is requiring you to take a urine test on a regular basis, you may want to understand a little bit about how the process works. If you are currently taking certain drugs that are either prescribed or illicit substances, you will want to know how to pass this test to keep your employer happy with the results. You may also have to take this because of a court order as a result of problems that you may have had with the law. If you are found out to have taken drugs that are clearly stated in the order to be avoided, this could cause you to extend your probationary period, or do some jail time. Here are three easy tips on how to pass a urine test.

How A Urine Test Works

A urine test is administered by people at official facilities, usually a medical clinic or a hospital, where the testing process can be completed so that the urine that you provide in a sample can be evaluated. Urine is simply provided in a cup, and given to the medical professionals that will run the tests. Any abnormalities will be noted as they will check in many different ways including chemical, physical and microscopic examinations. This is also referred to as toxicological screening, specifically to detect illegal drug use. They will look for many different things including blood in the urine, a protein in the urine, and these will also be taken during pregnancies to determine if everything is all right for the mother and the fetus. In the case of employers, or legal entities, that are requiring you to take this test, here’s an overview of what they do once you have provided the sample.

How Urinalysis Works

Once they have received the sample, they will then run it through a test no longer than 15 minutes after it is collected. It is typically done with the dipstick, or a tablet test, something that will then be completed under a microscope. When the dipstick is used, there are certain chemicals that are utilized to determine what is in the urine sample. When the paper changes color, this will tell the radical professional exactly what is in your blood. It is possible to get what is called a false-positive, as well as a false negative, as these tests may not be accurate every time. It possible for people that are using certain drugs to fly under the proverbial radar.

Three Ways To Pass A Urine Test Successfully

There are three proven methodologies that can be utilized, regardless of what you are currently taking which may not be approved of by the law or your employer. The first and most obvious way of avoiding any positive reading is to not take what you have been ordered to avoid. If you are regularly smoking marijuana, it is going to be out of your system.

Flushing Your System

Another way to eliminate possible positive readings is that you should drink a significant amount of water. This does not work all of the time, and it should be done in the absence of any of the drugs that should not be found in your system during the time you are flushing out your body. This can work for drugs that are smoked like marijuana, or pills that you are taking such as opiates or benzodiazepines. In most cases, your employer is not going to have a problem with these types of painkillers or antidepressants.

Using Creatine To Mask The Use Of Drugs

To mask marijuana, or any other substance that you may have taken prior to the drug test, you can use the flushing technique. This is used by many people that are trying to hide the fact that certain drugs are in their system, but it does not always work. That that test urine are well aware of these tricks, and if you have too much creatine in your system, they will automatically assume that you are masking the appearance of illicit substances. If your urine is extremely diluted, this will also be a clear sign that there are drugs in your system.

The Use Of Synthetic Urine

One other way that people have been passing drug tests is to use what is called synthetic urine. As strange as this may sound, there are companies that produce a liquid material. This is not going to work if you are going to a facility that will frisk you for samples that you may have. If it is a very relaxed location, that does not check you for synthetic urine that you may be bringing with you, you can pass the test every time.

You may want to use one of these methods if you are ever in a situation where you are not going to pass at all. As mentioned before, the best course of action is to always not use drugs prior to a drug test, or you are simply going to be found out. You need to consider what will happen if you are caught, and how this can change perhaps your sentencing. As long as you are smart about this process, you can easily pass every urine analysis with flying colors, even when you are subjected to random testing.

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